"We believe that you deserve to be loved by your partner, held by your community, and swaddled by your doulas." - Sherri and Love

Sacred Doula Collective

Birth doula Sherri Doucette, midwife Mariset Mills, birth doula Love Akana all dressed in white, smiling with newborn baby at home birth.

Re-Membering Birth in Community

Birth doulas and co-founders, Sherri Doucette and Love Akana, a/k/a the dynamic Doula duo, recognize the power of “mothering the mother”. They ensure that Clients are heard, held and seen by encouraging the re-membering of birth in community - the integral role of the village to complete the circle of birth support. Furthermore, Love and Sherri understand that manifesting a positive birth experience  depends largely upon two things: One. The  intentional assembly of a compassionate collective of providers who share your values and vision. Two. A personal commitment to trusting the combined wisdom of the intuition, body and baby.

So, why birth with Sacred Doula Collective

"Sherri and Love are a God send! They helped my wife and I embrace ownership in our delivery process and they nurtured our individual/ collective value in this process. From the bottom of my heart thank you both!"   - James G.

Ready for a sacred birth?